40A 1-Phase Whole-House Filter


Name 40A 1-Phase Whole-House Filter
Model PLCBUS 4816E


Detailed Product Description

If you meet big noise from outside of your house, and affect PLCBUS system work well, you need fix Whole-House filter
in the main junction box where the Power into your house;
Prevent X10 signal from your neighbor interfering yours;

Main Features:
40A (1-Phase) Filter
Prevent outdoor power line noise into your house
Full block-out design
Resist lightning strike design
Block burning design;
Size: 15 cm X 13.5 cm X 6 cm
Prevent outdoor power line noise into your house:
Under few conditions, some outdoor equipment interfere PLCBUS system in your home. For example, Electric welding
device, crane, big center air-controller, and so on. 40A Filter can prevent the interference coming from outside. It can
clear power line noise completely.

Full block-out design
Full block-out design can avoid of the leak of electromagnetism interference, and 40A Filter has passed the EMC approval.

Resist lightning strike design
40A Filter has resisting lightning strike function. So in excessive thunder area, if you use the filter, it can absorb part of
high-pressure to protect your appliances.

Block burning design
Even 40A Filter is put into fire, it can not happen self-ignite. And when overrunning decuple rating current in 60 seconds,
it can also work well.