256 Add Mini-Controller

Name 256 Add Mini-Controller
Model PLCBUS-T 4034E


Detailed Product Description

Main Functions:
1. Two-Way communications;
2. Lamp On/Off status checking;
3. Lights ON/OFF status check;
4. Incandescent lamp brightness check;
5. Plug-in style, and easy to be used;
6. Change the Main address of In-line Micro Modules;
7. Control up to 256 different lamps or appliances;
8. Sending All lights On / All Units Off command;
9. Dimmer for incandescent lamp only;
10. Realize individuality “Scene” function worked with Micro Modules;
11. Work with #4810E, they can check the “PLCBUS” and “Noise” Signal strength of any modules.