Appliance Module – UK

Name Appliance Module (UK)
Model PLCBUS-P 2027UK


Detailed Product Description

No any Filter/Repeater need necessary
Reliability can be upper than 99.98%, current X-10 is 70~80% reliable.
Two-Way communications ensure lights go on and off exactly as wanted
Fashion Casing Design is forAustralia and China domestic market.
Installing easily with electronically set codes
Be compatible with X10 devices by an X10/PLCBUS interface.

Main Features:
Two-Way communications;
Control Lamps Turn On/Off;
Streamline casing design;
Security baffle design at the plug part;
Installing easily with electronically set codes;
Responds to All lights on/All Units off control command;

Technical Specs:

Rated Voltage:                 230VAC±10%,50Hz;
Lamp Load:                     ≤600W/2.5A;
StaticState Wastage:       <1W;
Suitable Temperature:        -10~50oC