Crystal Maxi-Controller

Name Crystal Maxi-Controller
Model PLCBUS-T 4036UK


Detailed Product Description

The Crystal Maxi-Controller adopts advanced Electricity Transfer Induction Technology with two new CMOS Chips: (QTouch) and (QWheel), 1. Each key have an inductive-electric field, when your finger put on it, the key will send out the command; 2. You can Brighten/Dim lights through finger moving in the circle on the crystal panel. Let us enjoy our comfortable, fashion and smart new living!

Main Functions:

Centralized Control Function:
Control up to 256 lamps or appliances ON/OFF, All Lights On, All Units Off, Brighten/Dim function.

Brighten/Dim Function:
On the right of the crystal panel, there is a circle range, you can move your finger in it to Brighten/Dim incandescent lamp; Moving deasil is for Brighten, and widdershins is for Dim.

Scene Control Function:
You can realize scene control function through setup up scene address, and easy control a group of lights with same scene address ON/OFF together.

Two-Way communication:
It can check lamps ON/OFF status and Brightness, and so on.

Installer PLCBUS strength testing:
By Crystal Maxi-Controller working with PLCBUS 4810E, you can check the PLCBUS signal strength and noise of any receiver modules place. It is helpful a lot for Installers.

Technical Specs:
Power Supply: AC230V±10%
Power Wastage: ≤ 4W
Temperature:-10℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidty:
< 95%
Size: 220 mm (L)× 131 mm (W) × 71 mm (Top H) ×31mm(Bottom H)