Double-Button H-Duty Appliance Switch

Name Crystal Double-Button H-Duty ApplianceSwitch
Model PLCBUS-R 2225HE


Detailed Product Description

Main Feature:
Two-way communications;
Fashion Crystal Panel;
Easy to be replaced of the Crystal Panel;
Lamp ON/OFF status and Brightness check;
Background LED brightness is dimmable in 4 level
Crystal Switch indicator when operation successful;
Respond On/Off, All Lights On/All Units Off, Brighten/Dim command;
Dimmer and 100 Brightness levels for Incandescent lamp only;
Memory 16 different address for scenes control;
1 (Main add) + 16 (Scene add), totally 17 addresses;
Be compatible with X10 controllers with #4808G/UK X10/PLCBUS Transfer Interface.
Accept On/Off, All Lights On/All Units Off and Bright/Dim commands

Technical Specs:
Rated Voltage: 230VAC±10%, 50Hz
Resistive Load: < 8A
Electric Transformer Load: < 5A
Inductive Load: < 1.5A
StaticState Wastage: <1W
Suitable Temperature: -10~50℃