Double Push Button Switch – Normally Close


Name Double Push Button Switch (Normally Close)
Model No. 2262E


Detailed Product Description

Key Features:

Normally closed Push Button Switch.
Can replace existing wall switches to provide local
ON/OFF controls for the following modules:
– #2263, #2264, #2265, #2266, #2267, #2268 Incandescent, Appliance and Fluorescent In-Line Micro Modules;.
Live in, Load Out connections
SIMTONE original panel, beautiful Euro-style design.
(This wall switch cannot be used to Bright/Dim X10 lamps modules.)
Operate like a door bell.
Press once to toggle the in-line or micro-modules from ON to OFF or vice versa.

Technicial Specs:

Size (mm): 86(W) x 94(H) x 32(D)
Normally Closed Push Button Wall Switch