Encrypt Touch-Screen Remote


Name Encrypt Touch-Screen Remote
Model PLC-RF 4073E


Detailed Product Description

The Lighting Kit is a powerful Home Automation system, which allows you to control your lights and appliances from anywhere to your home. Turn on your lights before you enter the front door or shutdown the lights from your bed. Up to 256 independently controlled modules can be added to your X-10 System, which can incorporate PC-based Control, Voice Control, Internal Control and much more. Encrypt ID can avoid of the interference between your neighbours.

Technical Specs:

LED/Backlight:                                     Yes
Control IR devices:                              Up to 4 IR devices
Scene function:                                    4 Scenes (up to 16 units for each)
Encrypt:                                                 Yes
Beeps Indicating:                                Yes
Use with Transceiver:                         4022E / X10 RF Base
Installation:                                           Hand / In the wall
Battery:                                                   AAA x 3
Radiated output:                                  5750 uV/m @3m
RF operating range:                            200m (open field)
Dimensions:                                        155 x 83 x 17mm
RF frequency:                                      433.92 MHz
Ambient temperature:                         – 10° C to + 50°C (operation)