IR Signal Converter

Name IR Signal Converter
Model PLCBUS-T 3023E


Detailed Product Description


Transfer the IR signal received to PLCBUS command, and then to control
PLCBUS receivers.

Operation Method:

PLCBUS-T 3023E can only receive IR signal which sent from remote
controller with X10 function.(Above setup, we have setup the House Code to C,
so here, #3023E only can responds 16 unit codes command in House Code C).
For example: C3ON command: The IR controller sends an address C3 till
#3023E indicating light flickers once, then send out ON command, the
indicating light flickers again and the controlled lamp is ON means operation
successfully. #3023E responds All Lights On/ All Units Off, Bright/Dim


#3023E can only memory 1 House Code + 16 Unit Codes; if changing House
Code, you need use PLCBUS controller sends other House Code to #3023E
for memory again.