10 Key Mini-Remote

Name 10 Key Mini-Remote
Model PLC-RF 4059E


Detailed Product Description

It has 10 keystrokes, control 4 units On/Off, and Dimmer functions.

Technical Specs:
Frequency:                          433.92MHz
Remote Distance:             50 M at Flat
Batteries:                            3V Coins cellCR2016×2
Casing Size:                      90×42×6mm
Color:                                  Black


  • Blue backlight indicator light;
  • Control 4 lamps/ appliances Turn on/ Turn off;
  • Dimmer for incandescent lamp;
  • Compatible with any X10 receivers;
  • Codes set electronically.

Address Codes Setting:
It is composed by House Code A–P and Unit Code116. If you want to set the 8th unit in D House, you can set the
address code to D8. (When you have set one group codes, the other 3 groups code will be the following consecutive
3 ones automatically).
Notice: When leaving our factory, it defaults the House Code is A and the Unit Code is 1-4.

Unit On/Off: Tap 1 ON to Turn On the lamp/appliance, and tap 1 OFF to Turn Off the unit.
Dimmer: Press and hold Bright for brighten and Dim for dimming (Only for Incandescent lamp).
Batteries installation: 2 Pcs Coins cellCR2016, + is positive pole, should be upturned; – is cathode, should be adown.