One-Load H-Duty Lamp Module

Name One-Load H-Duty Lamp Module
Model PLCBUS-R 2263HE


Detailed Product Description
No any Filter/Repeater need necessary;
Reliability can be upper than 99.98%, current X-10 is 70~80% reliable;
Two-Way communications ensure lights go on and off exactly as wanted;
Extreme back part small size (43.25x47mm and only 18.9 mm thick);Triac size is 11 cm X 3.5 cm X 5 cm
More easy to be setup and memorize 16 address codes totally at the same time;
Lights gently ramp and fade – greatly extending bulb life and reducing eyestrain ;
Remote control capability brings added convenience, money savings and resale value to your home ;
Installing easily with electronically set codes;
Be compatible with X10 devices by an X10/PLCBUS interface.
Main Features

Two-Way communications;
Control Lamp ON / OFF;
1-100 Brightness levels programming;
Memory the brighten level turned off last time;
16 address codes cleanup fastfunction
Remote control through computertelephone;
Easy installation on the lamp or in wall switch junction box.

Technical Specs:
Rated Voltage:                            230VAC±10%,50Hz
Lamp Load:                                ≤1000W
Static State Wastage:                 <1W
Suitable Temperature:                 -10~50℃