One-Load Fluorescent Light Module – Dimmable

Name One-Load Fluorescent Light Module (Dimmable)
Model PLCBUS-R 2267D


1.    Brief Introduction:

PLCBUS2-R 2267D is a fluorescent light module .Its’ dimming method is 1~10V continuous-voltage
output, and work with “Philips HF-Regulator II for TL5 lamps” necessarily. Support 100-level brightness
dimming and also factory defaults responding All Lights On command.
So respond: On / Off / Bright / Dim / All
Lights On / All Units Off commands.

2.    Technical Specs:

Rated Voltage: 230V±10%, 50Hz

Rated Current: 8A

Static State Wastage: < 1W

3.    Setup Method:

(1). Press the SETUP button on #2267D and hold for 5 seconds, when the indicating light flickers, releasing,
then use #4034 send out an address, the main address of #2267D is setup successfully.

(2). 16 scene addresses setup method, please check #4034 / #4036 User Manual for detail;

(3). Delete 16 scene addresses: Press the SETUP button on #2267D and hold for 10 seconds, when the
indicating light flickers, releasing, the 16 scene addresses are deleted all.

4.    Connection Method:

(1). Connected to mechanical switch with black and red lines, (Tap on mechanical switch is for ON/OFF);

(2). Connected to momentary switch (Normal Opened) with black and yellow lines can realize dimming on
switch by local manual control: (Tap is for ON/OFF, and press and hold is for brightness circulatory-dimming).


  1. #2267D is for Fluorescent Lamp dimming used only, can’t connect to appliances as #2267HE;
  2. #2267D should be worked with HF-Regulator we recommend Philips 1-10V control HF-Regulator.
  3. When installation, please try to short the wiring, and better to keep the wires the same length.