PLCBUS 3-Phase Coupler

Name PLCBUS 3-Phase Coupler
Model PLCBUS 4825E


Detailed Product Description

This 3-Phase Coupler is designed specifically for locations where there is three-phase electrical service. This
may also be described as 220/380 VAC and is commonly found in commercial buildings, apartments and
condominiums. This module (for three-phase power) is compatible with PLCBUS powerline control protocol.
It can Improve receive signal response, higher signal output and is a 3-Phase Amplification.

When use #4825E, you need to pay attention to ensure the #4034E in your home is in 3-phase Status. See Item 10
above #4034E specification.
All the Setup of Receivers and Controllers, they will exit Setup status automatically without any action in 15 seconds.
Press Setup button and hold for 12 seconds is for recovering to the original status.

Technicial Specs:

Rating Voltage: 220VAC±10%, 50Hz
Static State Wastage: ≤ 1W
Temperature:  -10℃ ~ +50℃
Size: 115mm(L) x 93mm(W) x40mm(H)