PLCBUS Signal Strength Indicator

Name PLCBUS Signal Strength Indicator
Model PLCBUS 4810E


Detailed Product Description

PLCBUS products signal work demands:
PLCBUS strength: > 3 levels;
PLCBUS Noise strength: > 2 levels;
Noise strength: < 5 levels.

If noise problem, fix 4820E.


Plug #4808UK in a receptacle solely, no any PLCBUS signal transmitted action, if RED indicator is bright, it shows the Noise strength at this point.
If after you plug #4808UK and you use any controllers to send a PLCBUS signal, the GREEN indicator will be bright to show the PLCBUS signal strength at this receptacle point. 
If you want to check any detail Module PLCBUS signal strength, please plug #4808UK and #4034UK in the same receptacles;
When #4034UK has entered Installer Status, for example, you want to check received signal level at the place of A06 Light receiver:
Press A06-On, #4810E will show the PLCBUS signal strength of A06 (RED indicator);
Press A06-Off, #4810E will show the Noise signal strength of A06 (RED indicator);
Note: When #4034E sends out a PLCBUS signal successfully, the GREEN will be bright;
Note: Orange color for power.
From 1-12 Levels, before press down the White Button on the surface, it shows 1-6 Levels; after press down the White Button, it shows 7-12 Levels.

Technicial Specs:

Rating Voltage:          220VAC±10%, 50Hz
Temperature:             -10~50 ℃