Pt Double-Button Scene Switch

Name Pt Double-Button Scene Switch
Model PLCBUS-R 4208E


Detailed Product Description
CNC Pt Panel, import original from Korea
Pt Panel magnetic with switch, fashion design
Build-in Chord Chip, so button with chord sound
0.55cm panel and 2cm backside, easy connection
Needing Neutral Line in the wall junction box
PLCBUS2 Controller, only can control PLCBUS2 Receivers.

Main Features

    1. Control up to 2 scenes (16 different addresses for each);

    2. Scene address codes cleanup fast function;

    3. Highly Reliability, error rate in 1/10000;

    4. Both “Receiver” and “Transmitter”;

    5. Each Scene can control up to 16 different addresses;

    6. Local “manual” control one or a group of units at different place.

Technical Specs:

Rated Voltage: 230VAC±10%,50Hz

Scene QTY: Up to 2 Scenes

Control QTY max for each: Up to 16 different addresses

Static State Wastage: <1W

Suitable Temperature: -10 ~ +50oC