Pt Single-Button Appliance Switch

Name Pt Single-Button Appliance Switch
Model PLCBUS-R 2284E


Detailed Product Description
CNC Pt Panel, import original from Korea
Pt Panel magnetic with switch, fashion design
Build-in Chord Chip, so button with chord sound
0.55cm panel,easy connection
Needing Neutral line in the wall junction box
Be compatible with X10 devices by an X10/PLCBUS interface.

1.Two-Way communications;
2.Control Lamp/Appliance Turn On / Turn Off;
3.Respond to “All Lights On/All Units Off” command;
4.Default “All Units Off” when leaving factory;
5.”Codes Set Electronically by S5/S6″ is easy in only 6 seconds;
6.Remote control through computertelephone;
7.PT Magnetic Panel on design.

Technical Specs:
Rated Voltage:                           230VAC±10%,50Hz
Appliance Load:                         ≤1600W
Static State Wastage:                <1W
Suitable Temperature:                 -10~50℃