Pt Shutter Control Switch

Name Pt Shutter Control Switch
Model PLCBUS-R 3166E


Detailed Product Description
Two-way communications;
Control Shutter Motor “Turn On/Turn Off”;
CNC PT Panel, import original from Korea;
0.55cm PT Panel magnetic with switch, fashion design;
Build-in Chord Chip, so button with chord sound;
Needing Neutral Line in the wall junction box;
Respond On/Off, All Units Off command;
Tap S5/S6 Once, LED light brightness (4-levels) adjusted;
Memory 16 different address for scenes control;
1 (Main add) + 16 (Scene add), totally 17 addresses;
Be compatible with X10 controllers with #4808G/UK X10/PLCBUS Transfer Interface.

Operate manually very easy, i.e. when the motor is stop now, tap top for and for Open the curtain, bottom for Close the curtain 
During the curtain is Opened or Closed, tap top for Stop, and bottom for moving to contrary aspect on the status just now. i.e.: Just now, the curtain is opened, during its open, tap top, the curtain will be stop, and bottom, the curtain will be changed to be closed.
Bright and Dim buttons on #4034, each tap, the curtain will be closed and opened 10cm. 
Can be remotely controlled using any PLCBUS compatible transmitter.
Accept Turn On/Turn Off commands

Technicial Specs:
Rated Voltage:                       230VAC±10%,50Hz
Motor Load:                           ≤90W
Static State Wastage:            <1W
Suitable Temperature:             -10~50℃