X10 – PLCBUS Transfer InterfaceUK

Name X10/PLCBUS Transfer Interface
Model PLCBUS 4808UK


Detailed Product Description

With this X10/PLCBUS Transfer Interface (PLCBUS 4808UK), you can use our PLCBUS controllers to control common
X10 Receivers; and also can use an X10 controller to control our PLCBUS Receivers. It is the translator of PLCBUS and
X10 command signal.

User Code Learning:

Setup button on the surface and hold for 5 seconds till the indicator light flickers; Releasing now, and tap any key of your
Mini-Controller to send a signal, the indicator light is OFF, means User Code learned successfully.

Technicial Specs:

Rating Voltage:                           220VAC±10%, 50Hz
Static State Wastage:                 ≤ 1W
Temperature:                               -10~50 ℃